Get them excited understanding music by handling

Would you like your school to be innovative in music learning?

In our course we offer you manipulative didactic resources with which you will ensure that your students enjoy and learn at the same time.

You will introduce them to the musical language and knowledge of theoretical aspects, getting them to understand abstract concepts by manipulating materials and objects.


We offer you content in video format in the use of our materials. In the videos you will be able to see step by step how to manipulate the material while understanding its didactic purpose. The videos are structured in four blocks related to: duration, frequency, intensity and timbre.


You will also find podcasts with reflections on musical education, prepared environments, specific teaching proposals and other educational topics.


In this section you will find downloadable files and photographs that will complement the course.

Do you want your students to enjoy musical language?

If you want to ensure that your students like musical language classes as much as practical classes, learn to use our materials with our course. The video tutorials that we offer clearly illustrate how to introduce the material in the classroom, the order and hierarchy in its use and the ages at which they are directed.

In addition, we explain those issues that are interesting to have worked on experientially before starting to work with the manipulative material; aspects related to auditory sensoriality, listening, the acquisition of the sense of tempo and accents... all of this so that the learner can advance in a solid way in learning the musical language.

You will also find aspects of organology, instrumental families...

We do not doubt your teaching ability and your didactic creativity, so knowledge in the use of materials will allow you to create new and different proposals.

The complexity of musical language

The idea underlying the design of the SERCLET materials is to present the different aspects of the musical language in a very progressive way so that when the learner begins to work with paper (score) they begin with a clear understanding, that is, they have acquired a solid foundation that allow them to take on more advanced courses easily.

First of all we are going to work on the proportioned rhythm; we will continue with the introduction of the metric or compass; Finally we will introduce the staff, the clefs and the notes.

Although our research work is carried out in a classroom with boys and girls between 3 and 10 years old, our method is equally valid for all ages and profiles: adults, people with functional diversity and the elderly.

We are excited that you are interested in our course and we think that if you decide to do it, it will surprise you very positively, both you and your students.

The price of the course is 240 euros. Take advantage of our 10% discount promotion between February 20 and March 5.

You can enjoy the course for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Includes a total of 34 video capsules, podcasts and downloadable documents.

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