Our Ambassadors

Educational projects accredited in the Serclet Method of Musical Education

We select those music and education professionals with the certainty that they are in tune with our pedagogical and musical values.
To do this, we inform you that if you attend their educational-musical spaces, you will find all our materials, many of them exclusive to these Serclet ambassador projects.

Chabela Barberis Serclet-La Palma music classroom

Isabel Arnao Barberis is a choir director who graduated in Cuba from the National School of Art Instructors; teacher, singer and composer.

Vínculo–Música desde bebé

Silvia Galán Hernández is a specialist in early musical education; violin teacher and graduate in Musicology.

Montessori Subirats School

Begonya Terrón Ponce is a teacher specializing in music education; Montessori guide for children and primary school at the Subirats Montessori School (Alt Penedés). She is the specialist teacher at the school.

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