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There is scientific evidence that music education provides great benefits; The practice of music strengthens brain functions and this strength can be applied to other brain functions such as mathematics, reading...

The SERCLET method of music education focuses on the introduction of innovative didactic material of a manipulative nature; With it we solve the problem of abstraction of musical science. Boys and girls work with a specific material that incorporates touch and the manipulation of objects. This work takes them to the idea, and from the idea to the understanding of language.

Would you like to learn how to use it?


In the course we offer you content in video format in the use of our materials. In the videos you will be able to see step by step how to manipulate the material while understanding its didactic purpose. The videos are structured in four blocks related to: Intensity, Timbre, Duration and Frequency.


You will also find podcasts with reflections on musical education, prepared environments and other educational topics.


And downloadable files so you can complete the use of the materials.

Our ambassador schools

Professionals and schools with accreditation in the SERCLET musical education method.

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