Get them excited understanding music by handling

Enjoy music as a family

If you don't live near a Serclet ambassador school, if you lack musical knowledge and want to educate at home while enjoying music with your family, our course is the solution. We offer you online training in a selection of our materials that you will be able to implement easily. Plus... You're going to learn a lot too!


In the course we offer you content, in video format, using a selection of our materials. In them you will be able to see step by step how to manipulate the material while understanding its didactic purpose; You will also find some practical activities. The audiovisual content is organized into four blocks that correspond to the four qualities of sound: duration, frequency, intensity and timbre.


You will also find podcasts with reflections on musical education, prepared environments, clarification of concepts and other educational topics.

Based on our teaching and family experience, we bring you short chapters with ideas to enjoy music at home, about the importance of attending live music shows...

Would you like to enhance his/her ability to concentrate?

Nowadays, those of us who carry out our activity in the field of education find in boys and girls attention difficulties and therefore lack of concentration.

We musicians develop our listening capacity to a maximum level, focusing our attention on the sound stimulus. Attention is at the base of concentration.

Don't you think that music can be an effective vehicle for generating habits of silence, listening and concentration?

Our proposals enable boys and girls to develop, in a motivating way and according to their age: the skill of attentive listening, the refinement of their sensory and musical ear and the development of their sound imagination. You dare?

Get into the knowledge of music at an early age

Starting from a Montessorian approach, we are committed to offering you resources and materials that will contribute to the acquisition of concepts and skills that will be necessary for a deep experience of music.

The background that the apprentice will incorporate will be highly qualitative, essential for the reading, writing, interpretation, improvisation and musical creation of their subsequent education.

Through videos and podcasts we guide you to work in an experiential way in a first stage and later transfer what you experienced to manipulative material.

«What the hand does the mind remembers» M. Montessori

Channel his/her sensory potential and enjoy quality moments with your family

Sensory development is the experimentation that the child does through his or her senses. Over time, this development will lead to an optimization of their cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social, physical and creative abilities. Our purpose is to contribute with you in the development of your family's sensitivity through sound and music.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our proposal and fully experience the learning process; This way your family, children, partner... will experience it in an authentic and sincere way.

"The ability to appreciate nuances in stimulus refines sensitivity and multiplies pleasure" M. Montessori

The price of the course is 120 euros. Take advantage of our 10% discount promotion between February 20 and March 5.

You can enjoy the course for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Includes a total of 27 video capsules and podcasts.

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