Get them excited understanding music by handling

Would you like to have a Serclet music classroom?

Families are interested in the possibility that their family can access music learning spaces, where our musical education method is incorporated.

We would love you to be part of our project. Are you interested in?

We offer you face-to-face training in Menorca; once the training has been successfully completed, you will receive an accreditation diploma.

If you have a music school, in addition to being accredited in our musical education method, you can sign a contract for the transfer of brand use and supply of materials.

We can't wait to meet you!

Training in Menorca

Get to our music classroom in Alaior. You will receive in-person training over a week in which you will be able to see and manipulate all our materials, what aspects to work on before use, their sequencing... within the environment specifically designed for it.

In February we open a call to select future teachers of our method and ambassadors.

Previously, we ask you for information about your musical facet through this contact form, in this way we make sure that we are in tune on a personal and pedagogical level.

Stay tuned because we announce it through our social networks, blog, website and newsletter.

Menorca is an idyllic place that offers a multitude of proposals and interests. The training takes place throughout the morning, so you will have time to enjoy the island for the rest of the day.

Serclet classroom location

Training Program

1. The tempo and qualities of sound, its relationship with concrete materials.
2. Towards musical literacy with manipulative teaching material.
2.1 Knowledge of rhythmic note figures through exploration and classification: 127 musical notes and compartment box.
2.2 Hierarchy of rhythmic figures.
2.2.1 School board.
2.2.2 First tray with compartments of the set of display trays.
2.3 Association of each rhythmic figure of note to its corresponding silence: puzzle and display trays with rhythmic figures.
2.4 The proportioned rhythm: proportioned rhythm board, strips, figures of two durations, set of five trays and proportioned rhythm notebook.
2.5 Sound intensity and its representation: dynamics, canvas for dynamics and illustrations for dynamics.
2.6 Rhythmic equivalences: proportion table, equivalence box, proportioned rhythm notebook and school board for equivalences.
2.7 The Bar: Set of metric rhythm pack.
3. The musical notes and clefs, the pentagram, the floor pentagram, the box for nominative order, the Major scale and the chromatic scale, the song.
4. Little pots for sounds. Instrumental families and musical instruments.

A unique project in your area

Being part of our family provides you with many advantages:

  • Geographic exclusivity in your area.
  • Pedagogical differentiation compared to other educational centers.
  • Students and families enthusiastic about the musical education method.
  • Exclusivity regarding a large number of our materials.
  • Free access to our elearning platform.

The sum of your idiosyncrasy and our pedagogical background will turn you into a unique project.

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